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Nám. Slobody 6, P.O.BOX 100, 810 05 Bratislava          +421 2 5949 4111          obcan@mindop.sk
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Danube Logistic Promotion Center

The main purpose of the Danube Logistics Promotion Center (DLPC) in Slovakia is to provide useful information and databases for the development of the inland waterway transport. It will be a connecting point between public and private companies in the field of inland waterway transport and it focuses on:

– information on the Danube fairway;
– information about Danube ports and about ports on the Slovak section of the Danube river;
– shipping and forwarding companies;
– funding schemes information;
– information on promising markets for Danube logistics;
– promotion of Danube logistics.

The role of the DLPC as a contact point is to provide customer-oriented, easy to access an free of charge information to the stakeholders and to serve as a central contact point in Slovakia. The DLPC will organize workshops and conferences where the latest achievements will be presented. It will work in close cooperation with the other Danube Logistics Promotion Centers along the Danube river.