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Information on the Danube fairway

Information on the Danube fairway          

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI) is a specialized organization providing hydrological and meteorological services at the national and international level. The SHMI was established by the former Ministry of Forestry and Water Management on 1 January 1969, and the scope of its activities is currently laid down in Act no. 201/2009 on state hydrological and meteorological services. The SHMI is the successor of institutions that were providing hydrological and meteorological services in Slovakia from the mid-19th century. It is state-subsidised organisation operating under the Slovak Ministry of Environment.

The SHMI’s activities include the following: monitoring of quantitative and qualitative parameters of the air and water in Slovak territory; collecting, verifying, interpreting and archiving data and information on the condition and regime of air and water; describing developments in the atmosphere and hydrosphere; and issuing forecasts, warnings and other information regarding the atmosphere and hydrosphere. All the aforementioned data, information and other research are made available to the public.

All waterways: http://www.shmu.sk/en/?page=1&id=ran_sprav

Danube: http://www.shmu.sk/en/?page=111


The river information services (RIS) are the harmonised information services that support traffic and transport management in inland navigation, including interfaces to other transport modes. RIS do not deal principally with internal commercial activities among companies, but are available for interfacing with commercial processes.


Ports and terminals:


Gabčíkovo locks

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Svet Dopravy

Online magazine also about water transport.


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