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Information on the Danube fairway          

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI) is a specialized organization providing hydrological and meteorological services at the national and international level. The SHMI was established by the former Ministry of Forestry and Water Management on 1 January 1969, and the scope of its activities is currently laid down in Act no. 201/2009 on state hydrological and meteorological services. The SHMI is the successor of institutions that were providing hydrological and meteorological services in Slovakia from the mid-19th century. It is state-subsidised organisation operating under the Slovak Ministry of Environment.

The SHMI’s activities include the following: monitoring of quantitative and qualitative parameters of the air and water in Slovak territory; collecting, verifying, interpreting and archiving data and information on the condition and regime of air and water; describing developments in the atmosphere and hydrosphere; and issuing forecasts, warnings and other information regarding the atmosphere and hydrosphere. All the aforementioned data, information and other research are made available to the public.

All waterways: http://www.shmu.sk/en/?page=1&id=ran_sprav

Danube: http://www.shmu.sk/en/?page=111


The river information services (RIS) are the harmonised information services that support traffic and transport management in inland navigation, including interfaces to other transport modes. RIS do not deal principally with internal commercial activities among companies, but are available for interfacing with commercial processes.


Ports and terminals:


Gabčíkovo locks

  • Information about current situation on Gabčíkovo locks:



  • Information about project The upgrade of Gabčíkovo locks:



  • Government Representative’s website for the construction and operation of the Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros water dams (only in SK):


Svet Dopravy

Online magazine also about water transport.


An article about slovak ports and berths:


Danube ports

Information on more than 60 Danube ports.


Verejné prístavy, a.s.

Verejné prístavy, a.s. is charged with the following business activities:

• ensuring the readiness and securing construction work at the public ports in Slovakia while developing long-term and short-term concepts for their development,

• assuring operation, maintenance and repairs as well as all records of facilities, structures and installations inside the public ports,

• leasing land inside the public ports and other related activities immediately associated with the disposal of the assets inside the public ports,

• collecting payments for the use of the public ports,

• establishing the conditions for the development of multi-modal transport, including handing of multi-modal cargo units


Shipping and forwarding companies

Information on shipping/forwarding companies


Slovak Shipping and Ports

Slovenská plavba a prístavy a.s. has been a dominant company in the field of transport, transshipment and warehousing of goods, forwarding services, repair works and building of new vessels on the territory of the Slovak Republic. The company offers logistics services, being connected with transportation of all kinds of goods on the river Danube as well as on the whole network of West European waterways between the North Sea and the Black Sea.




Dunaj-sped s.r.o.

The main activity of the company is international freight forwarding (forwarding).

 The company specializes in the area of inland freight transport.

– Provides transportation of bulk, general cargo and oversized goods.

– It also provides the procedures related to shipping, ie providing transhipment of goods from ships to trucks, rail cars, and vice versa, from cars to boats and wagons.

– Areas of operation activities are Danube, Main, Rhine, Maas and Elbe rivers and ports on these rivers. On these rivers are the sea ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremen, Constanta, Izmail, Reni, Braila, Galati, through which you can connect to other parts of the world maritime transport.



Information on national and international funding

Advice on funding schemes in Europe (Danube Region)


Information on promising markets for Danube logistics

Market study of automotive sector in SK:


Platina 2 consortium

In order to accomplish the objectives and intentions of the NAIADES 2 Action Programme, the PLATINA 2 consortium includes the active participation of:

  • Waterway operators and administrations
  • Representatives of the inland waterway transport industry and fleet operators
  • Promotion and development organisations
  • Inland navigation educational and training institutions
  • Experienced consultants and research institutes



Promotion of Danube logistics


The mission of the agency is to design and use all kinds of stimuli to increase the influx of foreign investment while promoting Slovak companies in their effort to transform into high-performance subjects successful in the globalized world market.


Manual on Danube Navigation (EN):

Manual on Danube Navigation captures Danube navigation with all its achievements, developments and services and also identifies the potentials and possibilities of Danube navigation which are waiting to be used and promoted.

The manual is directed to practicians in inland waterway transport and to anyone interested in navigation. As it also serves as a textbook used for professional training in this sector, the Manual on Danube Navigation contributes significantly to disseminating knowledge and inspiring future customers to use the environmentally-friendly mode of waterway transport.


Danube commision

The Danube Commission is an international intergovernmental organization established by the Convention regarding the regime of navigation on the Danube signed in Belgrade on 18 August 1948. The main objectives of the Danube Commission’s activity are to provide and develop free navigation on the Danube for the commercial vessels flying the flag of all states in accordance with interests and sovereign rights of the Member States of the Belgrade Convention, as well as to strengthen and develop economic and cultural relations of the said states among themselves and with the other countries.


Slovak navigation congress

The Slovak Navigation Congress (SPK) is a voluntary interest organisation whose mission is to promote, develop and apply scientific and technical knowledge in the preparation, construction and operation of waterways, navigable buildings and ports and water transport as such, in the interest of economic and cultural development of the state . SPK brings together experts from the field of waterways and navigations.

http://www.plavebnykongres.sk/jweb/index.php/odkazy (website available only in Slovak language)


PIANC is the forum where professionals around the world join forces to provide expert advice on cost-effective, reliable and sustainable infrastructures to facilitate the growth of waterborne transport. Established in 1885, PIANC continues to be the leading partner for government and private sector in the design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas.


Information about Project Danube Skills you find on our webpage:

Project Danube SKILLS

Mail contact: navigation@arvd.gov.sk